Russian Lesson 2

Meetings and Greetings

These Russian conversations spoken by native Russian speakers will help you to practice your Russian listening and speaking skills. You will learn how to say hello in Russian, as well as introduce and meet others in formal and informal situations.

 Listen to friends saying hi to each other

- Привет, Таня.
- Привет, Женя. Как дела?
- Хорошо, спасибо. А у тебя?
- У меня всё отлично.
- Рад был видеть тебя. Всего хорошего.
- Пока!
- Hi Tanya.
- Hi Zhenya. How's it going?
- Fine, thank you. How about you?
- I'm doing great.
- It was good to see you. Have a nice day.
- Bye-bye!

 Listen to a teacher introducing herself to a student formally

- Доброе утро.
- Здравствуйте.
- Меня зовут Ольга Ивановна. Я ваш преподаватель. А как вас зовут?
- Хилари.
- Очень приятно, Хилари.

- Good morning.
- Hello.
- My name is Olga Ivanovna. I am your teacher. What is your name?
- Hillary.
- Nice to meet you, Hillary.

 Listen to pals greeting each other slightly formaly

- Добрый вечер.
- Добрый вечер.
- Давно не видел тебя. Что нового?
- Ничего особенного. А у тебя?
- Как обычно.
- Извини, но мне надо идти. Пока.
- До завтра.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- I haven't seen you in years! What's new?
- Nothing special. How about you?
- Same as usual.
- Sorry, but I have to go now. Bye.
- See you tomorrow.


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