Free Beginning Russian Course

Russian language course lessons

Welcome! This free Russian language course was developed for beginning students of Russian. It consists of lessons that cover all the basics and lay foundation for your future studies. You can get started with the first lesson on Russian alphabet right away.

Russian lessons for beginners

Lesson 1: Russian alphabet
Learn the sounds that Russian letters make and start reading simple words. This lesson groups the letters of the Russian alphabet into four groups to facilitate your learning.

Lesson 2: Meeting people
Everything you need to meet and greet people. Grammar topics include: gender of nouns, personal pronouns, statements and questions, and other essential topics in the Russian language.

Lesson 3: Introducing others
Learn to introduce yourself and others. Grammar topics include: plural nouns, possessive pronouns, and usage of "ты" and "вы" (you).

Lesson 4: Fun and games
Learn to talk about leisure activities and invite your friends to join you for fun. Grammar topics include: introduction to verbs, the past tense, counting, asking and telling time.

Lesson 5: Directions
Learn how to ask and give directions. This lesson teaches the following Russian language grammar: introduction to the Cases of nouns, the genitive case, the dative case, and the imperative mood.

Lesson 6: Congratulations and Wishes
Learn how to wish Happy Birthday, Happy New Year and congratulate people on other occasions. Grammar topics include: the past, present and future tense of the verb; conjugation; aspect of the verb.

Lesson 7: Hobby and Activities
Learn how to talk about hobby, leisure and sports in Russian. Grammar topics include: the prepositional case, asking question about location, questions with the prepositional case.

Lesson 8: At the Hotel
Learn how to talk make hotel reservations in Russian. Grammar topics include: agreement of nouns with numbers; ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd); preposition "на" (on) in combination with Russian idioms; and telling today's date.

Note: We are working on Lessons 9 through 12 to complete this free course for beginners. The lessons will be added in stages.

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