Lesson 7: Hobby and Activities

In this lesson you will learn:

  • how to use the prepositional case in Russian
  • how to ask questions about the location of people or things
  • how to ask what floor something is located on
  • what are some most common phrases to talk about hobbies

Lesson self-study checklist

This checklist will help you to learn the lesson materials. You can study at your own pace, spending as much time to master the new concepts and vocabulary as you need. If you need help at any time, please post your questions on the forum and someone will be happy to help you. The forum is also a good place to discover Russian classes around you. The difficulty of the Russian lesson materials increases gradually so it's best to study them in order.

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Vocabulary Phrases for sports and leisure activities
Listening Lesson conversations
Grammar Usage of the prepositional case
Grammar "Where do you...?" / "What floor... on?"
Vocabulary Lesson words and phrases

Optional external materials

Here are a few extracurricular lessons from other great websites for learning Russian. Please make sure to study the materials on the self-study list above. If you have some extra time left, you may want to read these pages for alternative explanations of grammar topics and vocabulary covered in this lesson. Note, that these links will open in a new window.

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