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How do you say "I would be happy to..." in Russian?

How does one say "to be happy to ..."? For example, "I would be happy to help you." or "I would be happy to drive you to the airport."


When trying to say "I would be happy to..." in Russian you need to consider the gender of the speaker. If you are a male you should say:

I would be happy to...

yah BIL-bi SCHAS-leef...
Я был бы счастлив... (said by male)

A female version of saying the same thing is:

yah bil-LAH-bi SCHAS-lee-vah...
Я была бы счастлива... (said by female)

Here's the rest of the phrases form your question. We have provided informal versions that are used to address friends. If you need to make it formal (or plural to address a group of people) simply change "тебе" to "вам" (vahm) in the "help you" sentence, and to "вас" (vahs) in the "drive you" sentence.

I would be happy to help you.

yah BIL-bi SCHAS-leef pah-MOCH' tee-BYEH
Я был бы счастлив помочь тебе. (said by male)

yah bil-LAH-bi SCHAS-lee-vah pah-MOCH' tee-BYEH
Я была бы счастлива помочь тебе. (said by female)

I would be happy to drive you to the airport.

yah BIL-bi SCHAS-leef aht-vees-TEE tee-BYAH vah-eh-rah-PORT
Я был бы счастлив отвезти тебя в аэропорт. (said by male)

yah bi-LAH-bi SCHAS-lee-vah aht-vees-TEE tee-BYAH vah-eh-rah-PORT
Я была бы счастлива отвезти тебя в аэропорт. (said by female)

Finally, if you want to say "I would be glad..." then use "рад" [raht] for a male speaker, and "рада" [RAH-dah] for a female speaker. Apparently enough, you should use this word in place of the word "счастлив/счастлива" (happy).

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