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Alpine meadows in Apsheronsk district

View of Sochi from the Black Sea, Southern Russia

Located in the far southwest, the Southern Russia boasts warm summer meadows, the enchanting sea shores, and high snow-capped mountain peaks. The official name for Southern Russia is Southern Federal District, formely known as North Caucasus Region.

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games will take place in Sochi, a fairly small and beautiful resort city located on the shore of the Black Sea in Krasnodar Krai. Below is the list of oblasts that comprise the Southern District of Russia.

  • Astrakhan Oblast
  • Chechen Republic
  • Kabardino-Balkar Republic
  • Karachay-Cherkess Republic
  • Krasnodar Krai
  • Republic of Adygea
  • Republic of Dagestan
  • Republic of Ingushetia
  • Republic of Kalmykia
  • Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
  • Rostov Oblast
  • Stavropol Krai
  • Volgograd Oblast


Largest Cities in the Southern Russia

The biggest cities in the Southern Russia include:

Rank City in English Russian name Population
1. Rostov-on-Don Росто́в-на-Дону́ 1,068,267
2. Volgograd Волгогра́д 1,011,417
3. Krasnodar Краснода́р 646,175
4. Astrakhan А́страхань 502,800
5. Makhachkala Махачкала́ 462,412
6. Stavropol Ста́врополь 354,867
7. Sochi Со́чи 334,282
8. Vladikavkaz Владикавка́з 315,068
9. Volzhsky Во́лжский 313,169
10. Novorossiysk Новоросси́йск 283,800
11. Taganrog Таганро́г 279,000
12. Nalchik На́льчик 274,974
13. Shakhty Ша́хты 244,364
14. Grozny Гро́зный 210,720
15. Maykop Майко́п 156,931
16. Nazran Назра́нь 134,280

All population figures are as of the 2002 Census.

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