Months and Seasons in Russian

Here's how to say the months and seasons of the year and in Russian. Note that Russians don't capitalize months or seasons unless they occur in the beginning of a sentence. These words are a part of the essential Russian vocabulary so learning them will further improve your Russian language knowledge and skills. Also, keep in mind that these nouns must agree with other words in a sentence by gender, number and case.

январь   January  [yahn-vahr']
февраль February  [fyev-rahl']
март    March  [mart]
апрель April  [ah-pryehl']
май May  [mahy]
июнь June  [ee-yoon']
июль July  [ee-yool']
август August  [ahv-goost]
сентябрь       September  [seen-tyahbr']
октябрь October  [ahk-tyahbr']
ноябрь November  [nah-yahbr']
декабрь December  [dee-kahbr']
весна             spring  [vee-snah]
лето summer  [lyeh-toh]
осень autumn (fall)  [oh-seen']
зима winter  [zee-mah]
день day  [dyehn']
неделя          week  [nee-dyeh-lyah]
месяц month  [myeh-syahts]
год   day  [goht]
В каком году?   In what year?  [f kah-kohm gah-doo]

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