Asking and giving directions

When you want to say which way to go, use the following phrases:

Идите прямо. Go straight.
Идите назад. Go back.
Идите вперёд.          Go ahead.

If there are couple of turns to be made before the destination can be reached, the following phrases will come in handy:

Поверните направо.         Turn right.
Поверните налево. Turn left.

Where is the...?

When you need help with directions, you might want to use one of the phrases below. Alternatively, if a stranger asks you one of these questions you will be able to unserstand them and even asnwer with one of the phrases that you have learned above.

Скажите, пожалуйста, где...?                                       Can you tell me where... is, please?
Скажите, пожалуйста, где гостиница "Турист"? Can you tell me where the "Tourist" hotel is, please?
Как доехать до...?                            How do I get to...?
Как дойти до...? How can I walk to..?
Как доехать до аэропорта?                                How do I get to the airport?

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