How to say "Happy birthday!" in Russian

Almost any congratulation can be started with the words:

Поздравляю с ...          
 [paz-drav-lya-yoo s]
[I] congratulate [you] with …

You do not have to say the words “I” and “you” in Russian because they are understood based on the form of the verb. Here are some congratulations for you to remember:

Поздравляю с Днём рождения!           
 [paz-drav-lya-yoo s dnyom razh-dyeh-niya]
Happy birthday! (literally: Congratulate with Birth Day)
Поздравляю с Новым годом!
 [paz-drav-lya-yoo s noh-vim goh-dam]
Happy New Year! (literally: Congratulate with New Year)
Поздравляю с Рождеством!
 [paz-drav-lya-yoo s razh-dyehs-tvohm]
Merry Christmas! (Literally: Congratulate with Christmas)

I wish you...

It is very common to continue the above phrases with your wishes and resolutions.

Желаю счастья, здоровья, успехов.       
 [zhe-la-yoo schas-tya, zdah-rohv-ya, oos-pyeh-khof]
I wish you happiness, health, success. (informal)
Желаем счастья, здоровья, успехов.
 [zhe-la-yehm schas-tya, zdah-rohv-ya, oos-pyeh-khof]
We wish you happiness, health, success. (formal/polite)


Whenever you want to invite a friend to a birthday party, use this informal phrase:

Приглашаю тебя на день рождения!       
 [pree-glah-shah-yoo tee-bya nah dyen' rozh-dyeh-niya]
[I] invite you to my birthday party!

Another useful phrase to invite someone to an event informally is:

Приходи ко мне ...
 [pree-kha-dee kah mnye]
Would you like to come ... (Literally: Come to me to …)

All you need to do is add the name of the event with the proper preposition:

Приходи ко мне в гости.                             
 [pree-kha-dee kah mnye f gohs-tee]
Would you like to come visit me? (informal)
Приходи ко мне на день рождения.
 [pree-kha-dee kah mnye nah dyen' razh-dyeh-niya]
Would you like to come to my birthday party? (informal)

It is very easy to turn this familiar invitation into a formal one. Just add “-те” to the verb “приходи”. This is the same change you make when inviting a group of people.

Приходите ко мне в гости.
 [pree-kha-dee-tyeh kah mnye f gohs-tee]
Would you like to come visit me? (formal/polite)
Приходите ко мне на день рождения.            
 [pree-kha-dee-tyeh kah mnye nah dyen' razh-dyeh-niya]
Would you like to come to my birthday party? (formal/polite)

Note that the phrase “Приходи ко мне” can be used without the name of the event. In this case it simply means “Come to me” or “Come to my place”.

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