Statements vs. Questions

With Russian sentences the word order of statements is the same as the word order of questions. In written Russian, the only difference is that you just put a dot in the end of the statement and a question mark in the end of the question.

Ольга преподаватель?
Ольга преподаватель.

In spoken Russian, however, questions differ from statements with the voice raised on the stressed syllable of the last word. In both statements and questions the voice falls in the end of the sentence. Listen and compare these sentences.

Наташа преподаватель?
Наташа преподаватель.

If a question starts with the word ГДЕ, КОГДА, КУДА, ПОЧЕМУ, ОТКУДА or КАК the voice is always raised on this word and falls by the end of the sentence.

Mini Quiz

Try to read the Russian sentences aloud applying intonation rules you've just learned. When you are done with a sentence click on the "Play" button to hear how the sentence is said correctly.

Как вас зовут?
Как дела?
Что нового?
Всё хорошо.
Он бизнесмен?
Он спортсмен.
Саша врач?
Да, Саша врач.
Рад познакомиться с вами.
Где он?

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