Russian Vocabulary

Making Hotel Reservations

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Whether you prefer to make reservations by phone or stop by to see the room, here are a few Russian phrases that will help you to get prepared. Ideally, you want to know everything from the greeting by concierge to asking to see the room and knowing how to request the change of the room. Let's start from the very beginning.

Я хочу забронировать номер.
 [yah khah-CHOO zah-brah-NEE-rah-vaht' NOH-myehr]
I want to make a reservation for the room.
Сколько стоит номер?
 [SKOHL'-kah STOH-eet NOH-myehr]
How much is the room?
Можно посмотреть номер?
 [MOHZH-nah pahs-mah-TRYEHT' NOH-myehr]
May I see the room?
Я хочу подняться в номер.
 [yah kha-CHOO pahd-NYAH-tsah VNOH-myehr]
I want to go up to the room.
Я хочу поменять номер.           
 [yah khah-CHOO pah-mee-NYAHT' NOH-myehr]
I'd like to change the room.

When making your arrangements, the hotel management may be using the following phrases to greet you and make sure that everything is the way you want it.

Я слушаю вас.                   
 [yah SLOO-sha-yoo vahs]
May I help you? (lit: I listen to you.)
Одну минуту.
 [ahd-NOO mee-NOO-too]
One moment.
Какой номер вы хотите?
 [kah-KOI NOH-myehr vi khah-TEE-tyeh]
What room would you like?
Вас устраивает такой номер?
 [vahs oo-STRAH-ee-vah-eht tah-KOI NOH-myehr]
Does this room suit you?

Now that you've chosen your room and it's time to do the paperwork, the hotel management might ask:

Заполните бланк.
 [zah-POHL-nee-tyeh blahnk]
Fill in the blank.
Повторите, пожалуйста, своё имя.           
 [pahf-tah-REE-tyhe pah-ZHAH-loos-tah svah-YO EE-myah]
Could you repeat your name, please?

Once the reservations are complete, you may expect the following closing phrases from the front desk.

Мы будем рады видеть вас.
 [mi BOO-dyehm RAH-di VEE-dyeht' vahs]
We’re looking forward to seeing you.
Всего доброго!
 [vsee-VOH DOHB-rah-vah]
Good luck!

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