How to say good-bye in Russian

There are a lot of phrases for parting in Russian. Their choice depends on the degree of formality and personal preference of the speaker. The following two phrases are used in the majority of daily conversations. They are pretty much the same as their English counterparts:

 До свидания!      
  [dah svee-dah-nee-yah]
Good-bye! (formal)
Bye-bye. (informal)

Other more or less neutral ways to say good-bye include:

 Всего хорошего.
  [fsee-voh khah-roh-sheh-voh]
All the best.
 Рад был видеть тебя.
  [rahd bil vee-dyet' tee-byah]
I was glad to see you. (said by a male)
 Рада была видеть тебя.       
  [rah-dah bi-la vee-dyet' tee-byah]
I was glad to see you. (said by a female)

If you expect to see the person soon, you might say:

 До скорой встречи.        
  [dah skoh-rai fstrye-chee]
See you soon. (Literally: Till soon meeting)
 До завтра.
  [dah zahf-trah]
Till tomorrow.
 До вечера.
  [dah vyeh-chee-rah]
Till later tonight.

If you are parting late in the night, probably the best phrase to say is:

 Спокойной ночи.      
  [spah-koi-nay noh-chee]
Good night.
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