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What is today’s date?

 Lesson comments

With all the fun and new experiences while visiting Russia it’s no wonder if you lose the track of date. Fortunately, there is a good phrase to keep you updated about today's date:

Какое сегодня число?
 [kah-KOH-yeh see-VOH-dnya chees-LOH]
What is the date today?

Months in Russian

Before you proceed to the possible answers, take a moment to learn the names of the months. The genitive case form is shown for reference in the future.

The genitive
январь January января
февраль February февраля
март March марта
апрель April апреля
май May мая
июнь June июня
июль July июля
август August августа
сентябрь September сентября
октябрь October октября
ноябрь November ноября
декабрь December декабря

Telling date in Russian

Now it will be relatively easy to give and get information about the date. Imagine you have just arrived to Moscow. You’re getting out your watches to adjust them to the local time. You are doing fine with time but not sure about the date. Feeling happy that you took this lesson you ask a stranger who speaks only Russian “Какое сегодня число?” and get the answer:

Сегодня первое марта.
 [see-VOH-dnya PYEHR-vuh-yeh MAHR-tah]
Today is March 1st.

Pay attention to how the stranger put the name of the month into the genitive case correctly. Also note that you need to use the neuter singular form of the ordinal number (because the number must agree with the neuter singular noun "число"). The basic phrase to express dates is as follows:

Сегодня + [ordinal number neut. sing.] + [the genitive for month].
 [see-VOH-dnya ...]
Today’s + [ordinal number] + [month].

Test yourself

Take a moment to take the quiz beloq dnd check how well you understand the material of this lesson.

Mini Quiz #1

Check today's date on your calendar and complete the answers to the questions:

1. Какое сегодня число? Сегодня…
(What is the date today? Today is...)

2. Какое число было вчера? Вчера было …
(What was the date yesterday? Yesterday was...)

3. Какое число будет завтра? Завтра будет …
(What will be the date tomorrow? Tomorrow will be...)

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