Words for Colors in Russian

 Lesson comments

Here's how to pronounce colors in Russian. It should only take you a few moments to be able to name all the colors of the rainbow in Russian--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and violet. You will aslo find the answer if you are just wondering how to pronounce colors associated with genders--blue for boys, and pink for girls. Whatever your reasons are, learning Russian words for colors is fun and should further improve your essential Russian vocabulary.

чёрный   black  [chyor-niy]
  белый   white  [byeh-liy]
красный red  [krahs-niy]
синий blue  [see-niy]
зелёный green  [zee-lyoh-niy]
оранжевый orange  [oh-rahn-zhi-viy]
жёлтый yellow  [zhyol-tiy]
голубой sky-blue  [gah-loo-boy]
тёмно-синий dark-blue, navy  [tyohm-nah see-niy]
коричневый brown  [kah-rich-nee-viy]
фиолетовый    violet  [fee-ah-lyeh-tah-viy]
розовый pink  [roh-zah-viy]
серый gray  [syeh-riy]

Agreement with Nouns and Pronouns

The words for colors are adjectives because they describe nouns and pronouns. In Russian language, adjectives must agree with nouns and pronous that they modify in gender, number and cases. For example, if you are talking about seven red baloons (plural) then you need to use the plural form of the color red (красные). You will also have to pick the proper case. If you want to move further than just naming colors and begin to actually use them in conversations, you will need to know different forms of adjectives. The table below shows the plurals of Russian colors, as well as masculine, feminine, and neuter singular forms. Please note, the adjectives below are in the Nominative case. To learn more about cases, please read a lesson about cases in Russian.

 Color         Masc sing.      Fem sing.       Neut sing.     Plural (all genders)  
black   чёрный   чёрная   чёрное   чёрные  
white   белый   белая   белое   белые  
red красный красная красное красные
blue синий синяя синее синие
green зелёный зелёная зелёное зелёные
orange оранжевый оранжевая оранжевое оранжевые
yellow жёлтый жёлтая жёлтое жёлтые
sky-blue голубой голубая голубое голубые
dark-blue тёмно-синий тёмно-синяя тёмно-синее тёмно-синие
brown коричневый коричневая коричневое коричневые
violet фиолетовый    фиолетовая    фиолетовое    фиолетовые   
pink розовый розовая розовое розовые
gray серый серая серое серые

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