Russian Numbers Lessons

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  Russian cardinal numbers (counting)

  Russian ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, etc.)

  Agreement of nouns with numbers

  Numbers and nouns with ЧЕРЕЗ, НАЗАД (A week ago / In a week)

Knowing Russian numbers is an essential element that needs to be tackled on your way towards Russian language mastery. Numbers are used every day in a variety of situations. You will need to know them when counting, checking your flight or bus number, naming things in order, inquiring about prices in the store, or asking questions about the quantities. Numbers also occur in combination with months and years when talking about dates.

When mastering Russian numbers, the biggest challenge is perhaps figuring out the rules and patterns used by Russians. Another challenge is to understand the endings that numbers take to agree with other parts of speech in gender and number. That's why we have developed a collection of lessons to help you learn everything about numbers in Russian. Let us know if you have any quesitons or don't understand something about Russian numerals.

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